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Living on the East Coast is awesome. One of the many reasons is that all the states are pretty small, so it’s possible that you can drive north or south and pass through several states in a matter of hours. Did you know we are only a 4-hour drive from New York City? New York! I mean, what is my life. You can imagine this is pretty life-altering for a Texas native who grew up in a place where you could drive NINE. HOURS. and still be in the same state (Texas, I love you. You still have my heart).

And living where we are in Northern Virginia, we can pretty much make a day trip to so many fun places, like D.C. (basically our next-door neighbor), Maryland, Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware. So many great sites, so much history, so much to explore!

Now of course, we work every day and have our normal weekly routine, so making time for said day trip isn’t the norm around here. But a couple weekends ago, we took a Saturday (and our friend, Rachel), drove an hour northeast, and spent a day in Annapolis, Maryland.

Despite the hot hot hot temps, we had so much fun. The history, the architecture, the old buildings and spaces, the streets, the waterfront, the sailboats were all full of charm and beauty. And being by the water in the summertime? Can’t get much better than that.

Here’s a list of the things we did and places we visited, in order:

1. The State House – A good bit of American history here (particularly, where George Washington resigned from his office as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army), and the architecture and limestone detail inside is stunning.

2. The Naval Academy – A must see if you are in Annapolis! The old buildings are ridiculously grand and impressive. Make sure to stop in the stunning Memorial Hall to see the “Don’t Give Up the Ship” flag, as well as the memorial plaques listing the names of all who lost their lives in combat. Very beautiful and sobering.

3. Lunch at Armadillos – A quaint little pub just down by the pier. Try the crab cake sandwich or the seared tuna burger. Pretty tasty.

4. Storm Bros. Ice Cream Factory – The frozen yogurt was pretty good. I’m only regretting I didn’t get the Coconut Chocolate Almond ice cream instead.

5. Explore Downtown, where you can pop in lots of boutiques, restaurants, and souvenir shops. There’s even a CVS if you need to buy last-minute sunscreen (just sayin’).

6. Harbor Queen Boat Tour up the coast – See the Naval Academy from the water, and sail into Chesapeake Bay, all narrated by your captain. There’s also a bar on the ship with drinks and snacks. Try to get in line early, so you can get good seats in the front.

7. Stop at the Sperry Store. Because, when you’re in the sailing capital of America, you buy boat shoes.

8. Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge for dinner. Make sure to get seats on the charming rooftop deck. Also, the flatbreads are to die for.

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Anyone else been to Annapolis?  Please share you favorite spots!

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This weekend I watered plants and fed kittens for my friend who was out of town, and I had to whip out my iphone and take a few snapshots of her lovely backyard details. Succulents are just so great, aren’t they? There are so many different shapes, colors, and dimensions, they are timeless and beautiful, and they make for some fun photos!




Summer, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

On the tail end of a recent unforgettable trip to beautiful Barbados, I am reminiscing big time. I think I’ve tried every way possible to pretend I am still gracing the sandy white beaches of the Caribbean, far far away from work schedules and responsibilities. If I just close my eyes, I can almost smell the salt in the air and hear the waves crashing against the shore again… or maybe that’s just dinner cooking behind me and the sound of the dishwasher running…

Ah well, it may be of no use trying to “will” my way back to the beach, but it’s still only July, and there are plenty of things I can enjoy about Summer right here in ol’ Texas that are right at my fingertips. And yours too. I’ve sketched a short list of some of my Summer favorites out on paper and put them in a printable version for you to enjoy at home. So, if this list speaks to you in the deepest parts of your soul, or if you at least like the color combo and think it totally accents your living room, then have at it!

There are two versions below. Feel free to download one or both, and print as many as you want. Maybe even frame one and give it to a friend just because. Just download, print on 8.5×11 white card stock on your highest quality printer settings, cut along the lines, and display on it’s own or in your favorite frame. Print is sized to 8×10.

Click here to download: Summer Printable – White/Corals 
Click here to download: Summer Printable – Watercolor/Corals

And for those of you who prefer cool colors rather than warm (a request from mom):

Click here to download: Summer Printable – White/Blues
Click here to download: Summer Printable – Watercolor/Blues



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