Minted is at it again! Their latest design challenge was for artists to design products for their new brick and mortar shop in San Francisco, California, home of their headquarters. Designers were challenged to make “unique art and designs that bring a piece of California, and especially the San Francisco Bay area, to life.” I’ve never been to San Fran, but thanks to the internet, it didn’t take me long to discover what a cool and happenin’ city this is… and now I’m craving a trip to the west coast.

Here are my four submissions – voting starts today and endsΒ Monday, July 18 at 1pm EST. Like what you see? Click on each photo to take you to the product page, and cast your vote!

san fran cable car
Cable Cars Trio Art Print

san fran badge toteSan Fran Badge Tote

san fran art print
San Fran Cali Art Print

san fran toteSan Fran Tote

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I don’t know what your climate is like right now, but it is a hottttttt August afternoon in the north Texas country, and we are spending our day lounging indoors with the fans on full speed and the A/C as low as our budget will allow. So, between naps, reading, family visits, and a little T.V. watching (Absolutely hate sharks. Freaking love Shark Week.), I thought I’d stop by the blog today and have a little summer GIVEAWAY. Yeayah!

After selling one of my last 2013 Calendars from my Etsy shop last week, I thought… I have only ONE left. Why not just GIVE this bad boy away?


Here are some simple instructions for entering the giveaway for this 11×17 Hand-lettered Wall Calendar. I would love to hear more about you and get to know my readers a little bit, so in order for your entry to qualify, all you have to do is answer the questions below in the comment section. The winner will be selected at random on Friday, August 9th.

1. Name
2. Your personal blog (if applicable)
3. State of residence
4. What you would love to see more of on this blog
5. Your job and favorite hobby

That’s it! Looking forward to seeing your entries come in!



Hey y’all! It’s been a busy Spring season so far, with lots of traveling and full-scheduled madness for us Disches, but we are enjoying every moment and are thankful for so many fun opportunities to travel, visit friends, see new places (note the cherry blossom pic above from our recent trip to Washington D.C.), celebrate birthdays and graduations, go camping, and just enjoy the beautiful outdoors and glorious sunshine. So, I’m just stopping in to say a quick THANK YOU for reading this little blog and being even remotely interested in what we’re up to and what I’m designing.

Today, I am excited to give you a FREE PRINTABLE just in time for Mother’s Day that I’ve hand-lettered in my sketchbook and transferred digitally to make these downloadable cards. I am in love with the spectacular women in my life that God has given me as MOM and MOM-IN-LAW, and I want to celebrate them this week!


Below, you’ll see four links that take you to PDF downloads that you can print, cut out, and give to your momma, grandma, or special lady in your life. The first three are individual foldable 4″x5.5″ cards. The last one is a PDF of three flat cards, one in each color. So you have options. Options are good. Options help people. Help yourself to as many as you want. Simply click, download, print, and give.

1. Mom Card “Pink”
2. Mom Card “Gold”
3. Mom Card “White”
4. Mom Card Set

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This morning, I was sitting with my coffee, reading, thinking… and I just became overwhelmed by the sweet friendships God has given me here. Real, quality, “iron sharpens iron” friendships that are solid, fun, encouraging… They took years to form, and I am reminded that you must be patient, as real, solid relationships are built slowly but steadily as you experience life together. My cup is literally overflowing with thankfulness for these women whom I love, trust, and have grown SO much with. So, in honor of these sweet friends of mine, I am excited to reveal a new art print today!

Recently, a good friend had a birthday, and I wanted to give her something hand-made and special to show my appreciation and thankfulness for her friendship. I found this sweet quote by Hellen Keller and I thought, this is perfect. I think these words sum up the the joy that these kindred-spirit kind of friends bring. So, I went to town in my sketchbook and made it my own. Hope you enjoy.




Hi there! I’m just dropping in to share a recent project a friend commissioned me for that was just straight up FUN. I don’t know about the particular culture that you live in regarding kiddo birthday parties, but let me tell you, around here, these things are a big deal, and these cute young mommas mean business when it comes to baby’s first birthday. So, as an addition to all her stylish and creative birthday decor, my super-crafty friend, Lyndsey, asked me to design a big hand-lettered poster board that she would display at the party that included all of Sophie’s first year favorites and milestones. After perusing some online inspiration, gathering some metallic markers and a black foam board, and a few mock-ups in my sketchbook, this was the final result.


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