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I don’t know if it’s the east coast vibes or what, but I’ve been majorly craving being by the water this summer. Soaking in the hot sun rays, getting a nice burn-tan, feeling the coastal breeze, diving into that great beach read as I soak my toes in the sand. I figured if I can’t be on the beach and out in the sun every day, I can at least dream and doodle about it.

So today, I pulled out my sharpie and some crisp white paper and started writing and sketching and produced a few fun hand-lettered pieces for the shop. If you’re like me, and you’re craving the water and sunshine as much as I am, you may want to grab one of these for a little summertime inspiration.

All prints are PDF printables that you purchase once and then download and print as many times as you want. Simple purchase, download, print, frame and enjoy. That’s it. Easy peasy ocean breezy. Click on each photo to take you to the shop.

beach day

Beach Day

summer without sea

A Summer Without the Sea

sunny days

Sunny Days Starry Nights

sunshine water

Sunshine and Water

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Minted is at it again! Their latest design challenge was for artists to design products for their new brick and mortar shop in San Francisco, California, home of their headquarters. Designers were challenged to make “unique art and designs that bring a piece of California, and especially the San Francisco Bay area, to life.” I’ve never been to San Fran, but thanks to the internet, it didn’t take me long to discover what a cool and happenin’ city this is… and now I’m craving a trip to the west coast.

Here are my four submissions – voting starts today and ends Monday, July 18 at 1pm EST. Like what you see? Click on each photo to take you to the product page, and cast your vote!

san fran cable car
Cable Cars Trio Art Print

san fran badge toteSan Fran Badge Tote

san fran art print
San Fran Cali Art Print

san fran toteSan Fran Tote

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Sarah Office37

Some people just get good style and don’t even have to try. My sister, Sarah, is one of those people. Every room of her house is fresh, clean, uncluttered, and bathed in beautiful neutrals, pretty fabrics, and natural light. What I really love though is that her style is functional and accessible. It’s not too trendy or busy, there’s purpose for where things are, and it is living proof that you don’t have to have lots of stuff on every wall and surface to live pretty.

While I was visiting her in Texas last week, I shot a few pics of her home office, mainly her beautifully-styled shelf (you may remember this photo I shared on IG). Sarah really has a knack for this kind of thing, so I asked her to share five things to keep in mind when decorating shelves and flat surfaces. I think with these helpful (and quite easy!) tips, you might be inspired to revamp your own bookshelves to create rhythm, simplicity, and of course, a prettier view.

Here’s what she had to say:

tips for styling shelves

By Sarah Linden of

1. Maintain Color Continuity
One of the best ways to create cohesion in your home is through color repetition. This is especially true for shelf styling when you’re trying to seamlessly mesh disconnected or random objects in the same space. I used lots of neutrals throughout, mostly white and soft tans, and small splashes of an orangey-pink hue you can see in the framed art up top, a book in the center, and throughout the books at the bottom.

2. Embrace negative space.

A common styling pitfall is filling every inch of empty space with something so it doesn’t feel ignored. Instead of fearing negative space, use it intentionally to give the eye a visual break from other highly styled areas. If every cubicle on my shelf was filled to the brim with stuff, the clean and coordinated look I’ve created would fly out the widow, and I’d be left with a heavy, chunky mess. Maintain negative space by placing only a single object that’s proportionate to the space it’s filling.

3. Merge functionality and aesthetics.
I love pretty things SO much that I tend to value aesthetics over functionality. We all do this from time to time. But guess what – I don’t live in a magazine, and all the spaces in my home need to serve a function. So I do my best to make those functional pieces pretty. Every rattan basket on my shelf is filled to the brim with office supplies, but they still look great because all the crap is hidden! See how I’ve organized books inside wire baskets? Even our less-than-pretty objects can look cohesive if we think of creative ways to merge functionality and aesthetics.

4. Create height.
My office has 12-foot ceilings. You know who sells affordable 12-foot shelves? No one! So I created that height on my own using framed art and white branches that almost lead to the ceiling. (P.S. You can find that “Fight the Good Fight” art print here.)  This technique also works in shorter rooms, and it’s the reason why we’re told to hang curtains just below the ceiling rather than right above the window. It’s a visual trick that works.

5. Consider a theme.
Themes in decor can become kitsch super fast if you’re not careful, so it’s best to think in minimal terms when creating a theme. My office has a coastal chic vibe due to the few beachy elements I’ve incorporated—rattan baskets, a piece of coral, driftwood, and a small lantern. I don’t think anyone would look at my shelves and think there’s a beach in my backyard (hey, a girl can dream), but these few objects help create the cool and breezy design aesthetic I’m incorporating in other rooms of my home.

Sarah Office04IMG_0361Sarah Office60Sarah Office 2IMG_0376

Sarah Office10
Sarah Office35
Sarah Office26
Sarah Office52Sarah Office40Sarah Office49
Sarah Office13
Sarah Office 1
Sarah Office55Sarah Office44Sarah Office31
Sarah Office56

Now, everyone, go get to work on those bookshelves of yours! And don’t forget to share in the comments which tips were most helpful for you.

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If you’ve been following my blog at all for the last few years, you’ll notice there was once a really fruitful season of Rebekah Disch Design with lots of DIY blog posts, weekend trip recaps, design and decor posts, launching of new products, free printable give-aways, fun design collaboration opportunities, and more. Those days were really fun. Those were the days I grew to really love blogging. Then I went back to work full-time and pretty much have been doing the 9-5 for the last three years, leaving little time to work on my creative business much at all. I’ve still sold prints and cards in my Etsy shop, participated in craft fairs, and took on occasional custom design work, but due to having to devote most of my life to working for the man (and I’m thankful for those opportunities for sure!), I had to say bye bye to the prospect of focusing on RDD in a way that the business really deserved. So, I worked. I put in the hours, worked hard, resolved to stay faithful where I was planted, and embraced my job(s) God has graciously given me over the years, and we were always taken care of and were never in want.


When we moved to Virginia a year ago, our pace of life went from zero to 60 almost immediately. We got plugged in to our amazing church, started new jobs, and we were happily overwhelmed with the amount of people, friendships, community, things to do, and places to see that were put in front of us… the experience of moving from small town Texas to the nation’s capital is no joke! So many good things but so much change with little time to rest or process in between.

Almost immediately after moving, I accepted a graphic design position at a local design firm. This job was a God-send and provided a great space for me to learn, grow, and produce some really fun design work. It pushed my brain creatively in ways I would have never been pushed otherwise. I had a very gracious and kind Creative Director. I made new friends. I learned a TON. But the hours were long, the days were stressful, and our personal/family time suffered, as well as my ability to really give my time to the people in our lives that we love and the things in our life that really matter to us. I was tired. Stressed. Spent. And hungry with the desire to grow RDD again and to do work that I really love. The creative itch continued.

A few months ago, Chris and I started having conversations about how I could possibly make my design business work. In addition to wanting a pace-of-life change, I was becoming more and more inspired to explore the idea of running my own business instead of doing work for someone else. We spent lots of days reflecting, evaluating, and brainstorming what it would look like to slow down a bit, have more flexibility in our schedules, and dream together of what RDD could be, if given the chance. I started thinking of all the things I love to do, all the ways God has gifted me and the avenues I could take with those talents. And I wondered… why not? Why work for someone else doing work they want me to do when I can work for myself and do what I really love while at the same time giving me more life flexibility? My business already has a foundation, why not continue to build on that?

So after weeks of anticipation, here I am, over-sharing on the internet about my journey, and I am excited to announce that as of this week, I’ve officially ended my previous job and am now pursuing RDD full time. Hooray! We are super pumped about this new venture and are excited and ready for the joys and challenges along the way, as well as the time we will get back as we slowly but diligently seek to live life more purposefully together.

I am planning to initially focus on doing some freelance work, mainly logo design for small, creative businesses as well as some other fun, creative things coming down the pipeline (can’t wait to share!). I’ll also be giving some time to my Etsy shop, creating new art prints and cards and building my stationery business with a focus on weddings and events. And did I mention… blogging? I am super pumped to give this little corner of the internet some tender lovin’ care and keep this blog more updated on a regular basis.

As a celebration, I am having a store-wide sale in my Etsy shop. Everything is 30% off from now until June 30. Just go to my shop, fill your cart with goodies, and use the code HOORAY30 at checkout.

160610 Etsy Sale

Thanks for your continued support in my journey and for your interest in this little business of mine.


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About a year ago, I was contacted through Etsy by a soon-to-be bride who commissioned me to design some custom wedding programs for her Arizona desert-chic wedding. These were so fun to create as I gathered southwest-themed and desert botanical inspiration and worked with her to create these programs that also served as fans for guests to keep cool with during the outdoor Fall ceremony. Her wedding, perfectly captured by photographer Paul Von Rieter, was so unique and beautiful, that it was recently featured on one of the most notable wedding blogs around, Style Me Pretty. I don’t always get to see my designs in action after releasing them to clients, so it was really exciting to not only see my programs photographed in context of the wedding day, but to also see them featured online on such a huge platform.

Click here to read the full post on Style Me Pretty.

Cobley Programs2
Cobley Programs
4b1a3ef0-9c0e-4e6e-91cc-dc64f699fb9c 708c30a8-f9d7-4483-99f4-fd9155c2c10c
Collage 1 d60e56f1-f38a-4f69-89b6-974e1208d22b
4eab1aac-a327-4548-bd52-1feba13b5295 Collage 2
Client Photo
Client Photos 2

Photography: Paul Van Rieter
Ceremony Venue: Hoot and Holler
Reception: Scottsdale Botanical Garden
Floral Arrangements: Bethanne Outcalt
Signage and Favors: Revelry Social
Wedding Dress: BHLDN
Hair:Marc And Company
Suits: Top Man

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Two weekends ago, I took part as a vendor in the Denton Independent Maker’s Exchange (DIME) Handmade Harvest. The past few weeks have been jam packed with sketching, designing, printing, ordering, assembling, planning, rebranding, and preparing like a maniac to get ready for this event. This is my second official craft show, but having my own booth, setting up my own products, and selling them myself was a first for me. It was a lot of work, but SO worth it. I learned much about organization, prioritizing, managing multiple moving pieces at once, as well as trying to keep the big picture in mind while remembering all the little details.

Other than a couple of glitches on the front end, I quickly got in my groove and enjoyed every minute of it.  I loved meeting so many new faces, talking to customers about my process, getting to tell stories behind the products, and seeing people actually buy them. It was so fulfilling and reassuring that what I’m doing is meaningful to other people.

My sweet, servant-hearted mom stayed by my side almost all day. She helped set up my booth, let me borrow props for my products, offered creative advice, brought me lunch when I was so busy that I couldn’t leave my post, and was just a great support, willing to spend hours serving me. My sister was also a huge help in keeping me laughing all day and helping make a couple of sales while I had to take a break for a few minutes. My girl, Sally, even came on the back end of the show to help tear down and pack up my car, then joined me for dinner and drinks to finish off the day right.

From the time the doors opened, the day was busy busy busy, and I hardly had time to get enough photos and visit other vendors’ booths, but I am SO grateful for a fun, fulfilling, and very profitable day and can’t wait for next year. Here are a few snapshots I was able to sneak in, along with a few from my proud mom.


Make sure to stop by The DIME Store’s Facebook page – these ladies are workin’ hard over there.



Hey y’all! It’s been a busy Spring season so far, with lots of traveling and full-scheduled madness for us Disches, but we are enjoying every moment and are thankful for so many fun opportunities to travel, visit friends, see new places (note the cherry blossom pic above from our recent trip to Washington D.C.), celebrate birthdays and graduations, go camping, and just enjoy the beautiful outdoors and glorious sunshine. So, I’m just stopping in to say a quick THANK YOU for reading this little blog and being even remotely interested in what we’re up to and what I’m designing.

Today, I am excited to give you a FREE PRINTABLE just in time for Mother’s Day that I’ve hand-lettered in my sketchbook and transferred digitally to make these downloadable cards. I am in love with the spectacular women in my life that God has given me as MOM and MOM-IN-LAW, and I want to celebrate them this week!


Below, you’ll see four links that take you to PDF downloads that you can print, cut out, and give to your momma, grandma, or special lady in your life. The first three are individual foldable 4″x5.5″ cards. The last one is a PDF of three flat cards, one in each color. So you have options. Options are good. Options help people. Help yourself to as many as you want. Simply click, download, print, and give.

1. Mom Card “Pink”
2. Mom Card “Gold”
3. Mom Card “White”
4. Mom Card Set

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I have been waiting for weeks to find the perfect time to post this shoot, so you can imagine my excitement right now as I showcase the big reveal to you. A few months back, I got an email from Couture Events by Lottie, after I met her on the set of this styled shoot, inviting me to design all the stationery and paper goods for an upcoming Farm-to-Market “engagement” shoot. And of course, after answering with a very giddy “YES!,” I went straight to work, teaming up alongside Jen Rios Design and other Dallas/Ft. Worth wedding vendors (listed below) to create one of the most beautiful tables capes and set designs I’ve ever seen.

Since Jen’s vision for this shoot included lots of colorful florals, herbs, vegetables, and fruit, I wanted the paper goods to complement, not compete with, their surroundings. So, after loads of research and inspiration-gathering, I designed the invitations to convey a vintage seed packet look and printed everything on beautiful kraft paper card stock to create a natural, recycled paper look against the vibrant colors of nature’s finest florals and edibles.

What’s so great about styled shoots is the freedom to get really creative, like getting to use real names of people I know on the escort cards displayed in a vintage metal receipt book and hand-drawing silverware outlines on kraft paper place mats. Another perk is the privilege to work with other creatives as a team (and in my case, with people I’ve never actually met in person) towards one goal and one vision and seeing it all come together in the most perfect and seamless way. And you know, I think it’s safe to say that’s exactly what happened. Feast your eyes, my friends.


Feel free to visit my Facebook page for more eye candy.

Photographer: Lightbox Photography
Event Design: Jen Rios Design
Coordinator: Couture Events by Lottie
Floral Design: We + You
Stationery: Rebekah Disch Design
Prop or Furniture Rentals: Period Charm Rentals
Vintage China: The Vintage Dish
Hair & Makeup: Beauty & the Blush Makeup & Styling
Wardrobe Styling: Life Is Pretty