I don’t know what your climate is like right now, but it is a hottttttt August afternoon in the north Texas country, and we are spending our day lounging indoors with the fans on full speed and the A/C as low as our budget will allow. So, between naps, reading, family visits, and a little T.V. watching (Absolutely hate sharks. Freaking love Shark Week.), I thought I’d stop by the blog today and have a little summer GIVEAWAY. Yeayah!

After selling one of my last 2013 Calendars from my Etsy shop last week, I thought… I have only ONE left. Why not just GIVE this bad boy away?


Here are some simple instructions for entering the giveaway for this 11×17 Hand-lettered Wall Calendar. I would love to hear more about you and get to know my readers a little bit, so in order for your entry to qualify, all you have to do is answer the questions below in the comment section. The winner will be selected at random on Friday, August 9th.

1. Name
2. Your personal blog (if applicable)
3. State of residence
4. What you would love to see more of on this blog
5. Your job and favorite hobby

That’s it! Looking forward to seeing your entries come in!


6 thoughts on “MY FIRST GIVEAWAY: A 2013 CALENDAR

  1. Anna Sanders
    College Station, Tx
    Love this blog!! I love posts about easy/cute DIYs and love love love the cute free printables!
    Full time mommy – swimming with my little bathing beauty in this summer heat! I also enjoy crafting and making our home comfortable and cute!

  2. 1. Name: Anna Fuqua
    2. Your personal blog (if applicable): N/A
    3. State of residence: Great State of Texas
    4. What you would love to see more of on this blog: Your AMAZING handmade work!
    5. Your job and favorite hobby: Tutor and right now my favorite hobby is learning to manage my household.

  3. 1. Name-Kimberly Green
    2. Your personal blog (if applicable)-if I was as creative as you I might have one!
    3. State of residence- TX
    4. What you would love to see more of on this blog- More posts… I adore your blog!
    5. Your job and favorite hobby-Special Education Teacher and mommy to Kollin

  4. 1. Kayla Jolly
    3. Texas
    4. I’d love to hear more from you! Just your thoughts and such. The DIY section is FABULOUS and your photography is beautiful.
    5. I am a “home-maker” (gotta love that title) and I sing.

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