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My goodness. What a whirlwind of a week these last few days have been. Between my computer crashing (and to my relief, two weeks after I finally backed everything up on my new external hard drive… thank. you. Lord.), trying to scavenge the last two weeks files that I didn’t have backed up, finish a pretty big freelance job for a Denton-area company (which, by the way, was SO fun – I’ll have to share soon), and enjoying a weekend camping get-away that was MUCH needed, I am finally back on the grid and, as promised (if you follow me on Facebook), I have for you some fun little mushy Valentine’s printables just in time for V-DAY!

Now, I fully intended to have some fun and colorful hand-lettered kiddo v-day cards and had just finished and perfected the most adorable design when the crash came over my poor laptop and crushed my dreams. But like I said, thanks to my trusty hard drive, I had most of my stuff backed-up, save for the last two weeks worth of work. So, alas, I can only offer you the adult-friendly version for those of you married folk who like to slip a little risque note under the table every once-in-a-while, if you know what I mean.

So, print these out, cut ’em out, stick them in random places you know he will frequent (see some ideas below), and surprise your honey with a sweet and sexy little note. Nothing says I love you like a foxy message in his morning cup of java. Enjoy!

Click on the links below to download your free printable pdf.
White V-Day PrintablesBlack V-Day Printables

vday printable

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