Man, I’m loving I recently entered another contest where participants were asked to submit their family photos or photos they have taken of others to be used in their holiday card collection online. Although I am not a photographer by trade, I’ve had a few good friends ask me over the last couple years to snap some fun photos of their families, which has been a great way for me to bless them with a gift and get some experience with my camera. I picked a few of my favorites, submitted them to, and was delighted to hear that one of my photos has been chosen for an editor’s pick award (see above photo)!

The prize is $100 credit towards Minted, and I’m thinking I may order a couple of art prints for my walls. Below are a few of my favorites. Like what you see? Here’s a link to see more beautiful pieces from some great indie designers.

minted prints

And just for kicks, here are a few more photos I submitted in the contest… aren’t these people so pretty?

Hopkins 111


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