WOW. On July 5th, we celebrated our third year wedding anniversary, and I have to tell you that this man Chris Disch has absolutely rocked my world. Let me tell you a little bit about what makes him so spectacular. He is solid, encouraging, consistent, supportive, has always acted out of his convictions, is uncompromising, faithful, dependable, has supported every idealistic endeavor I’ve started, has led me to remain faithful to the Lord in every circumstance, takes great care of every penny we make, knows and honors his limitations, is strong and keeps his word, is super handy with a toolbox, plays basketball like a madman, isn’t afraid to be always affectionate, is selfless, looks extremely attractive with a kitchen towel on his shoulder in front of the kitchen sink, thoughtful to my needs yet doesn’t let me get away with whining, shows more grace and patience with me than I deserve, has surprised me with his ridiculous gardening skills, is hilarious and can always provide a sharp-witted line of humor when I need reminding that the world doesn’t revolve around me, listens to and loves me in all my quirks, can take the longest naps known to man, makes and keeps deep lifelong friendships, is an example of kindness and care for others, and the list goes on… He is a gift. Everything I don’t deserve, yet everything God knew I would need in a husband.

The fact that God would give us this gift of marriage to enjoy doesn’t even make sense. Life is just better with this man. Chris Disch I am crazy about you!!



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