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There should be a universal rule that if you are going to cover a popular song, you need to either do it either BETTER than the original or in a creative, innovative way that actually does the song justice and brings greater appreciation to the original piece. There are far too many re-dos of songs that are just OK (or most of the time simply terrible). However, these guys know how to do it right.

My mom sent me this link recently, and I couldn’t get enough of it. These guys not only write their own originals, but they also take popular songs and turn them into masterpieces… but very unconventionally. I am loving how they are thinking outside the “box” (literally!) to make great music on one of the most beautiful instruments ever created. Do your ears a favor and take a listen and enjoy.

And a couple other favorites: Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” done orchestral syle.

And Coldplay’s “Paradise” done African style. How liberating to perform on top of a canyon like that… my dream.

And for kicks, here’s a fun little article about them and how they got their start.



Man, I’m loving I recently entered another contest where participants were asked to submit their family photos or photos they have taken of others to be used in their holiday card collection online. Although I am not a photographer by trade, I’ve had a few good friends ask me over the last couple years to snap some fun photos of their families, which has been a great way for me to bless them with a gift and get some experience with my camera. I picked a few of my favorites, submitted them to, and was delighted to hear that one of my photos has been chosen for an editor’s pick award (see above photo)!

The prize is $100 credit towards Minted, and I’m thinking I may order a couple of art prints for my walls. Below are a few of my favorites. Like what you see? Here’s a link to see more beautiful pieces from some great indie designers.

minted prints

And just for kicks, here are a few more photos I submitted in the contest… aren’t these people so pretty?

Hopkins 111



Six planes and two trains later, across the world and back, Chris and I are home now from an incredible trip to Southeast Asia, where we visited some friends who have made that part of the world their residence the last couple of years. This trip was amazing in so many ways, and I would love to go into every detail, but for the sake of keeping things simple, I’ll give you a little background as to what is going on over there.

Our friends’ goal in living within a mainly Islamic (and severely unreached) nation is to bring the hope of Christ to people who have never heard of the freedom that comes with trusting in the One true God. From running a social work foundation, to bringing in various medical practitioners to do teaching and clinics, to spending time with their neighbors and some of the local college students, to making long treks into the jungle to meet with and share hope with the natives living in remote villages and equipping believers within those areas, God is using Kyle and Misty and other believers there to use these platforms for the gospel to be shared and heard within one of the largest unreached people groups in the world.

Would you like to hear more about our trip and what God is doing across the world? Click here for Kyle’s blog to read all about it. Chris and I get so excited when we think about God’s commission to all believers to take the gospel to all nations and are constantly in prayer as to how WE can be a part of that. After all, this life is short and passing, and we want our lives to count.

Here are a few shots from the trip (out of my 1,000+ photos I took altogether!). Enjoy!



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It’s official! My winning design is now for sale on To quickly access the page where you can purchase this design for 10% off, click the sidebar on the right side of my blog that says “shop my baby shower invitations,” and use the promo code. This will link you to the baby boy color options. If you want to see the baby girl version and it’s coordinating color choices, click here. You’ll see I had to design several color options and some coordinating pieces. It’s been fun to get a handful of emails just within the last couple weeks informing me every time my design has been purchased. So exciting to know that real people are buying it!

I love how they’ve also added a designer profile page so customers can get a personal glimpse of the designer behind the product. Click here to see.

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WOW. On July 5th, we celebrated our third year wedding anniversary, and I have to tell you that this man Chris Disch has absolutely rocked my world. Let me tell you a little bit about what makes him so spectacular. He is solid, encouraging, consistent, supportive, has always acted out of his convictions, is uncompromising, faithful, dependable, has supported every idealistic endeavor I’ve started, has led me to remain faithful to the Lord in every circumstance, takes great care of every penny we make, knows and honors his limitations, is strong and keeps his word, is super handy with a toolbox, plays basketball like a madman, isn’t afraid to be always affectionate, is selfless, looks extremely attractive with a kitchen towel on his shoulder in front of the kitchen sink, thoughtful to my needs yet doesn’t let me get away with whining, shows more grace and patience with me than I deserve, has surprised me with his ridiculous gardening skills, is hilarious and can always provide a sharp-witted line of humor when I need reminding that the world doesn’t revolve around me, listens to and loves me in all my quirks, can take the longest naps known to man, makes and keeps deep lifelong friendships, is an example of kindness and care for others, and the list goes on… He is a gift. Everything I don’t deserve, yet everything God knew I would need in a husband.

The fact that God would give us this gift of marriage to enjoy doesn’t even make sense. Life is just better with this man. Chris Disch I am crazy about you!!