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I’ve had the privilege of making a lot of “Welcome Baby” art prints for clients and friends over the last few months, and I LOVE every moment I get to make a new, personalized gift. Here are just a couple of examples of prints I made this month. Are you looking for a unique, creative, and custom gift for a new mom and her baby? These make great gifts for sip-and-sees (after baby is born, of course) and are the perfect keepsake to add to nursery decor. Email me for pricing and other details if you are interested in ordering one. I’d love to create the perfect gift for you.

baby art2

Below is a new design I gave as a gift to a friend who recently had her second baby. I really like how it turned out, using a combo of serif and script fonts. And pink and yellow are a perfect pair for a little girl’s room.

baby art3baby art4


This weekend, Chris is finishing up his final project for his semester, and in a few weeks, he will have a Masters Degree in Cross Cultural Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. WOW, I am so proud of him. It’s been a long, eventful, and busy journey, and we are excited for him to complete this chapter in his life. In lieu of our busy weekend as I get some work done and as he is in a constant state of studying and writing, here are some glimpses of our little home office.

Happy Weekend!


retro sneak peek

Hey readers! Just wanted to give you a little sneak peek of a current project I am working on for a retro-inspired styled wedding shoot I am participating in with Fort Worth’s
Nine Photography
(which happen to be the super-fun and ridiculously talented couple that photographed my wedding) and several other rad wedding vendors in the DFW area. I was completely floored when Kelli contacted me and asked me to design all of the paper goods for this shoot. Her instructions to me were to “get crazy creative and do something you love”… Could a girl ASK for more? I can’t WAIT to share more with you about this sweet opportunity. Seriously, I am BEAMING with excitement. CAN YOU TELL?!?!

Stay tuned for the big reveal coming SOON…


Hello, and Happy Spring! The weather here has been so beautiful lately, all I want to do is be outside and soak it up. I just can’t get enough of this fresh, cool North Texas spring air and all the soothing rainstorms that have come our way and made the land green and lush and full of life.

Speaking of Spring, how about a little peek at some of my recent work? A few weeks ago, a friend commissioned me to design an invite for her sister’s baby shower, and since she needed it pretty quickly, I sent it to her as a digital file to print herself. I love the whole idea of printables. For the customer, it’s a great way to get your design quick AND save some money by printing it yourself. Something to think about if you are ordering paper goods…

spring baby invite

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Do you ever hear a song so beautiful it moves your soul, and you feel like if you don’t share it with someone immediately, your heart might just explode?

That’s how I feel about this song I’m going to share with you today. I heard about this new group, Sucré, a few months ago from one of my favorite creative blogs, A Beautiful Mess, and am so inspired by this new singer that is doing something original and refreshing. I am in love with everything about this song – the captivating strings, delicate voices and harmonies, ethereal piano sounds… Just heavenly. If I were ever to make music, this is what I would want it to sound like. Just listen; you’ll see.

Sucré, “Hiding Out”

photos via here.


I am always amazed at the endless amount of helpful information right at my fingertips and the way the internet has provided thousands of ways to share creative ideas online. I’ve come across a few fun freebies and DIY projects that I want to leave with you this weekend. Maybe you have some free time and could use a little inspiration? I hope these links spark some ideas for you.  Click on each image to go to their sources. Have fun!

P.S. I want that red-toed, taupe-colored heel…

Resources (top to bottom): Creature Comforts, Pugly Pixel, The Embellished Nest, 
More Design Please
, and Font Squirrel


I love getting a fresh batch of invitations at my doorstep from the print shop. Seeing my design come to life as a finished product on real, beautiful paper just never gets old. Recently, I had the opportunity to create a hunting-inspired baby shower invitation for a local client. She sent me a couple of ideas that incorporated hanging onesies, camouflage, and burnt orange. Here’s the final product.


The cute little diddy at the top says, “Krystal and Tyler love their tree stand, but they’re more excited to meet their little man!”


And of course, here’s the packaged product ready for delivery!



I am so attracted to the paper flower trend that has been all over the internet lately, and I just love the concept of having floral goodness that never wilts or dies. I found a tutorial the other day that had to do with flowers made out of coffee filters, and that is what inspired this DIY project.

You probably don’t even need to make a trip to the store, because this baby requires only three materials that you most likely already own: coffee filters, a sturdy branch with lots of twigs, and a hot glue gun. And this seriously took me about 15 minutes tops.

1. Take a coffee filter, scrunch it up and twist the bottom a bit.
2. Wrap the bottom around a part of the branch, and glue to secure.

3. Repeat several times until you have the desired amount of “blossoms” on your branch.
4. Give yourself a pat on that back, because you’re done!

My branch was tall and sturdy enough that I could just nestle it against the wall by my couch, but you may need some kind of large vase to put it in, depending on where you want to display it in your house. You could even attach it to the wall like a piece of art or hang it above a baby’s crib for a pretty mobile. Oooh I love that idea.

You can do a large scale version (like mine), or a smaller version with a bunch of small twigs in a vase. I went ahead and made myself a little twig-flower to show you how easy this really is. These would also make really pretty, inexpensive, and easy decorations for a wedding, bridal shower, or any special occasion, don’t you think? Oh, the possibilities.

Coffee filters… who knew?


Because of our depravity, we were separated from God and deserved death. But God made a way for us to be reconciled to Him. His son, Jesus, willingly took our place on the cross, bore the punishment we deserved, and doing only what he could do, conquered death and lives as King to those who turn from sin and believe through faith that Christ is the only way, truth and life. I am celebrating Easter because I don’t have to live in fear of my eternal state. I know on that day I stand before God, I can say with full assurance that Jesus’ blood has paid for all my mistakes and rebellion. Because of my faith in what He did for me, I am eternally secure. Cute bunnies, Easter egg hunts, and big family meals pale in comparison to the real cause for celebration.


Today while listening to my Fleet Foxes station on Pandora, a song came on that I’d never heard but fell in love with. So, naturally, I looked it up online, found the video and listened to it several times in a row as I cleaned my house and did laundry this afternoon. Some of you may think it’s weird… I think it’s awesome. And you may want to turn up the bass on this one. It’s bumpin’. Ya, I just said that.

The band is called Animal Collective, and the song is called “My Girls.”