I’m excited to reveal this labor of love with you today. And brag a little on my husband. Chris’ job at our local church is heading up music, administration, and media, and he was recently put in charge of re-designing the website. As he approached this daunting task, he researched, bought a WordPress template, and dove right in to create something sleek, simple, modern and extremely representative of our little church here. He has labored over this day and night, and I am so impressed with his knack for learning and how skilled he has become over time as he’s taught himself all the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a website.  It’s tedious stuff!

It has been fun for me to work alongside him to give design input and create web graphics that he can plug into the site. This kind of graphic design is so fun for me. And I’ve learned a lot from him about the basics of web design and how it all works behind the scenes. I love how we can share these kinds of projects together and learn from one another.
Go team Disch!

Here are a few screen shots of some of the graphics I designed, and here is the link to the site. Click around and enjoy.


I have my mind on Spring today. I love what this season brings – the rainfall, budding trees and blooming flowers, 70-degree weather, wedding season, flip-flops, iced coffee… And I can’t get enough of this adorable dress. Wouldn’t it be the perfect little dress for spring and summer weddings? And those over-sized paper flowers… fab. Here is the tutorial from Design Sponge for making these beauties, brought to you by the girls at the lovely, feminine, vintage-inspired clothing line, Ruche. Enjoy!


“No chaos, no creation. Evidence: the kitchen at mealtime.” – Mason Cooley

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. A LOT. Since we try to eat Paleo (if you’re not into proper nouns, that’s code for whole, clean, high-protein, high-fat, no-sugar, no-grain food), which takes a lot of planning and preparing, we cook at home most of the time. Which means at any point in time, there are lots of pots and pans and utensils and weird and delicious ingredients spread about in a seemingly chaotic but surprisingly organized and savory mess.

And not only do I cook a lot here, I work here. Despite our newly-renovated office space in the house where my actual desk resides, I’d rather sit out in the open at our table with all the natural light my kitchen nook brings, and in the case of today, allowing me to stare happily out my windows at the rain falling on our freshly-mowed grass. Ahhh Spring.

The kitchen is my domain. And since I spend so much of my time in this beloved room, I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of my workspace(s) and share some favorite features with you today.

(clockwise from top left)
1. Little weeds, I mean flowers, freshly picked from our lawn.
2. Every home needs one intense chandelier.
3. I eat almond butter by the tablespoon. Today, I ate 3.
4. Yes, I have a coffee bean burlap bag hanging on my wall.
5. Need I say more? (note the hand made mug by my brother… prodigy.)
6. Recovered kitchen chairs with new paint and 50% off fabric. Holla!

(clockwise from pic on right)
1. Gallery wall with random found objects hanging in frames
2. Cabinets got a major facelift from ugly wood to glorious white upon move-in.
3. Workspace. The hubs made this kitchen table during our 1st year of marriage.
4. New monogrammed kitchen towels from West Elm given by my sister.

Where do you spend most of YOUR time, and what special things showcase your style and personality? Share!!


You may remember my post a few days ago about my design submissions on Minted. Well, the voting is OPEN, people! Just follow the link to the right —————————>
and create your free account. Once you are logged in, visit my designer page and vote for your favorite by rating 1-5. Unfortunately, the ratings are hidden until the voting time ends, so we’ll have no way to know how I’m doing until they announce the winners. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, make sure to check out the Design Challenge main page to see some other gorgeous submissions. There are some really talented designers out there.

Speaking of mint, I saw this on Pinterest today. Does that not look like the most refreshing summer drink ever? You can find the recipe here.


I saw this posted on another designer’s blog today and thought it was a resource worth sharing. I am always on the lookout for new good-looking fonts, and this guy has put together a nice list of cool, un-cheesy FREE fonts just for you and me. I think this is definitely worth bookmarking, I mean pinning. Click on the above image to visit the site.


Well, I acted on a whim the other day (what’s new) and entered my first design contest ever at , a global community of invitation designers. Take a look at my two entries in their latest contest: “The Books to Bottles Baby Shower Invitation Challenge.”

I have always loved Minted not only for their beautiful and fresh designs, but also for the way they roll. Here’s why they are totally awesome:

“We believe that great design lives and thrives in the hands of indie designers that people may not have access to through traditional retailers. Our goal is to use technology to allow our community to discover the work of great designers from all over the world. And at the same time, create a place where designers can get exposure and build their careers.” – Minted

As I would love to win any one of their awards, I know there are many better designers than me, so I’m not getting my hopes up. But, if you would like to help me out, you can vote for my designs! I’m actually not sure when the voting starts, but for now, you can follow this link to my designer’s profile, or click on the link in the side bar, and see my designer page. Feel free to comment, make suggestions, or “like” my designs. And I’ll let you know when the voting has begun.



Today, I got the news from my sister, Sarah (who most recently got married last Fall), that her wedding was featured on a popular wedding blog, The Sweetest Occasion. And I was delighted to see that some of my paper goods made a cameo appearance as well. It’s always fun to see your work published somewhere else. Thank you to the lovely ladies of Half Orange Photography for capturing every beautiful moment and detail of the day. Such beauty!

To see the full feature on The Sweetest Occasion, click here. Below, you can see the program, the food labels, and a small snippet of the “Sign the Guestbook” print. And isn’t Sarah’s cotton bouquet exquisite?

And a couple more beautiful shots featured on Half Orange Photography’s blog. Is this not the most beautiful wedding you’ve ever seen? To see more shots of Sarah and BJ’s wedding on the photographer’s website, click here.

With the help of sweet and creative friends, Sarah and BJ’s vision for a chic country wedding came to life and had the most unique, personal, hand made touches everywhere. Even the cake was made by a friend. This just goes to show that you can have a beautiful chic wedding without having to spend the big bucks on the “pros.”

If you are in the Austin area, you must check out Half Orange Photography – they are the sweetest two ladies you’ll meet and have such an eye for beauty. And obviously, they can commute too – they drove to Dallas for Sarah and BJ’s wedding.

Also, if you are looking for an outdoor wedding venue in the Dallas area, check out Cross Timbers Winery. It’s the perfect place for an intimate celebration.

And lastly, if you’re looking for unique and unconventional wedding bouquets and flower arrangements, check out Tall Cotton ‘n Peas on Etsy. Simply stunning.