I can’t get enough of this hilarious image of Ryan Gosling that is streaming all over the internet… I seriously almost died when I saw this. Even better, I showed this to Chris and he laughed OUT LOUD. I knew he would totally identify with this.

Speaking of unfinished projects, here’s what I have going on today.

I had the sudden urge again (this is becoming lethal, people) to redecorate, paint, hang, rearrange SOMETHING. Thankfully, before I went crazy, I spotted a blue frame on my mantle that was in dire need of a fresh coat of white paint. Well, that started a frenzy, because after that was finished I went on a rampage through my whole house to see what else I could paint white. I’m telling you, it’s taking over me.

At least Ryan would understand.


6 thoughts on “HEY GIRL.

  1. Ah! I am sure Michael can relate…plus we don’t have a place for projects to be stored where little knoxy won’t get his hands on them! So I dirty up the garage šŸ™‚

  2. ahahah i LOVE this post! so hilarious. And love white things… i want you to come over when we get a house and help me decorate

  3. Hah! So funny, that Ryan. I also find my obsession with white increasing (and mercury glass). I’d like to see that mirror!

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