I just can’t get enough of this local treasure I’m about to share with you. I love it when creative people collaborate and produce something fabulous, like this new endeavor here in town called “My Aunt and Me.” These two talented ladies (one of them being whom I designed this rehearsal dinner invite for) rent space at a local shop on the square and have set up a booth full of flea market finds, knick-knacks, re-furbished furniture, and tons of other crafty interior decor. Their eye for design blows me away, and if I’m not in there purchasing something awesome, then I’m soaking in all the inspiration they have to offer.

Here are some snapshots I took on my phone upon my first visit here. This town could definitely use more of this…

I love pretty things and I love reasonable prices. Here are a few little darlings I bought for Christmas gifts: a wall hook ($6), 2 graphic canvases ($6 each), and a wine cork ($4.50)… steals I tell ya.

Share the love! I’d love to hear about some lovely local finds near you. Just share in the comment section below.

Happy Thrifting!



  1. What a fun and inspiring shop! For all you Dallas readers, if you’re looking for furniture (esp. antiques) for a steal, check out the thrift store at the corner of Ross and Peak right outside downtown. I bought four solid wood chairs for $10/each, and I’m pretty sure they’re from Pottery Barn. It’s a small shop, and you should visit often to get a really good piece, but if you’ve got the time, this thrift shop is a must see!

  2. We drive by this every time we’re at DTS, and I have always wanted to stop in… looks like there are some good little finds in there.

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