Wood floors, touches of lace, big beautiful chandeliers… this was the inspiration for this country chic rehearsal dinner invite. When I heard the description of the venue, I instantly knew the direction I wanted to take with this design. What do you think?

And how about a couple more designs for ya… hope you enjoy.

The above invite was made for a stinkin’ cute little boy that melts my heart. His mom, a friend of mine, said he said he’s into two things: camouflage and BB guns… just what little boys are made of.

The Christmas card below was made for a family in Big D, and I used some family pictures they sent me, taken by the talented Robin Gansle of Denton, Texas.

Stay tuned for more updates on the biz. I’m hoping to finalize some tedious but necessary details soon which will enable you to purchase products and order custom designs from the comfort of your own home… right here online.



  1. Love the Christmas card! I’m sure Colette did, too. Great job at using traditional Christmas colors in a fresh way. I can’t wait to see the products you post online!

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