Good evening, friends! Chris and I are recovering from a long nap we had this afternoon (and apparently needed). After a busy morning at church, lunch with friends, and other activities, we returned home at 4:30 and CRASHED until 8. I woke up thinking it was Monday… Thankfully, it is still Sunday, and I’m hoping to get a little work done before the day is completely over.

A couple years ago, my mom sold her house, moved from Houston to Dallas and went back to school for her Masters Degree. This past May, she finished with flying colors, and we threw a two-day celebration with family and friends. Instead of ordering generic invitations through the school, she asked that I design something that really represented her. My mom is a creative mind – she is an amazing artist and crafter, and her style is somewhat shabby-chic, so that’s the direction I took.

mom grad 1

Pictured here (left to right): me, my brother, mom, and sister

mom grad invitemom grad rsvp

I am really loving this whimsical design, and I think it would be lovely for many other occasions: a bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, you name it.

Once I get some kind of shop up and running, these will be available for customization, and you can order them any way you want ’em. Stay tuned for more updates on the biz.



  1. What I love most about this design is the mix of patterns–the grid texture with the scrolled leaves. It totally works! You used a lot of different elements, but left enough white space to keep a clean look.

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