Want to decorate for Fall but not spend bookoos of money to do it? You gotta get crafty, people! I found this great wreath project on Pinterest the other day, and I decided to make one myself and share it with you. It’s easy, cheap, and so so pretty. Nothing like bringing natural elements into your home decor.

Here are the basics to making the wreath of your DREAMS.

One more optional step is to spray paint your twigs. As you can see below, I spray painted mine white. However, I think they look just as pretty in their natural state. Either way, you got yourself one rockin’ piece of art. And yes, I just said rockin’.

Here are some ways I hung the wreath in my home. Right now, its current home is in our office above my desk (see below):

To see the genius behind the original wreath tutorial, go here.

I’d love to see your wreath ideas. Please do share in the comment section below!

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Good evening, friends! Chris and I are recovering from a long nap we had this afternoon (and apparently needed). After a busy morning at church, lunch with friends, and other activities, we returned home at 4:30 and CRASHED until 8. I woke up thinking it was Monday… Thankfully, it is still Sunday, and I’m hoping to get a little work done before the day is completely over.

A couple years ago, my mom sold her house, moved from Houston to Dallas and went back to school for her Masters Degree. This past May, she finished with flying colors, and we threw a two-day celebration with family and friends. Instead of ordering generic invitations through the school, she asked that I design something that really represented her. My mom is a creative mind – she is an amazing artist and crafter, and her style is somewhat shabby-chic, so that’s the direction I took.

mom grad 1

Pictured here (left to right): me, my brother, mom, and sister

mom grad invitemom grad rsvp

I am really loving this whimsical design, and I think it would be lovely for many other occasions: a bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, you name it.

Once I get some kind of shop up and running, these will be available for customization, and you can order them any way you want ’em. Stay tuned for more updates on the biz.


I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista…but I really do like fashion, I do. Like most people, I don’t have loads of moolah to contribute to an ever-growing wardrobe laden with the season’s hottest finds. Not to mention the time and effort it takes to keep up with said wardrobe season by season, trend by trend. But nonetheless, I do appreciate the art that goes into defining your style. And you know what? You don’t have to have a fat wallet to be able to wear the clothes you love and feel great in. You just have to be smart.

Today, I want to look at some wardrobe basics for Fall that I am loving right now. I’ve taken some images from my Pinterest board and thought it would be fun to dissect some outfits and make a list of some classics that can be mixed, matched, and put together in various ways to make the most of your wardrobe without having to spend your paycheck. Because after all, it’s just clothes, and there are plenty of more important and lasting things in life to spend your resources on than being the best dressed. With that in mind, let’s take a looksie:


Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with lots of color in your wardrobe. Hey, I love me a bright patterned blouse or even a pair of red cropped jeans, but overall, I am just a neutral kind of girl, so keep in mind that these “tips” are coming from my personal framework. Anyway, start with a timeless neutral palette, then add pops of color. I love black skinny (or bootcut) jeans because they are casual like blue jeans but give a little extra oomph when wanting to look a bit more dressed up but still be comfortable, and they go with everything. You can mix and match t-shirts, button downs, and tunics by layering scarves, cardigans, and sweaters, not to mention, all kinds of shoes.


With a neutral palette, it’s always fun to boost it up with pops of color with a pair of bright shoes, a bright-colored purse, a patterned scarf, or even a colorful cardigan as a final touch. Keep the trendy pieces in small doses, so that your investment is in ones that will last you more than a couple seasons.


Recently, I was determined to downsize my closet and in turn got rid of everything I hadn’t worn in a year or that was not in good shape anymore. Looking at my new simplified closet helped me think more creatively in making new outfits out of what was left. Suddenly this cardigan stood out to me and went nicely with that shirt, and oh that belt, now that would look great buckled over the cardigan, and how about I add this scarf, and voila! I saw my clothes in a whole new light from when it was previously crowded with filler.

How can you simplify your wardrobe yet at the same time create new outfits out of what you already own? Get creative!


Needing a couple new pieces? Choose items that will blend nicely with your clothes and enhance what you have – you don’t have to create whole new outfits. Just spruce it up a bit, like a fun cardigan that will go with 2-3 different shirts you already own. Or a nice pair of shoes that will dress up an outfit in a snap. For me, I went down a size in pants recently, so I am on a mission to find 2-3 pairs of nice jeans (black skinnys, dark blue jean skinnys, and dark wide-leg jeans) that will last a long time and that I can wear every day. There are a couple other investments I’d like to make, if the budget allows, like riding boots and some nice flats. Maybe a couple nice sweater-cardigans that I can jazz up my large collection of fitted tees with.

So, coming from a non-fashionista, keep it simple, invest in timeless classics, get creative, and don’t sweat the hubub of keeping up with every trend in the book.


Here are a couple great posts from Rachel over at Small Notebook (one of my daily blog reads) on simplifying your wardrobe and stocking it with long-term classics. I love her unpretentious approach to useful and chic fashion.

–> It is So Much Easier to Simplify than to Organize

–> How To Downsize Your Wardrobe with Common Sense

So, for my all of 3 readers out there (wink), what are your personal tips for keeping a stylish yet simple and timeless wardrobe?

I love LOVE.

Ah, weddings. I LOVE weddings. Everything about them – the bridal showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, the greatest family and friends gathering together, the celebration of marriage, the food, the beverages, a room full of joy and love, the chance to get dressed up and dance the night away… What better reason to celebration than a man and woman covenanting together for the rest of their lives. Such a gift we have in marriage!

What’s even more exciting is that my little sister is getting married this Fall, and I had the privilege of designing her invitations. Sarah and I share the same tastes in just about everything in life, so creating these paper goods for her upcoming celebration came pretty naturally for me. The wedding will be full of natural elements and neutral colors, hanging lights, burlap, lanterns everywhere, hanging pennants, trees lit up with stringed lights, and deep wine-colored long flowy bridesmaid dresses. Oh, and a s’mores bar. Does it get any better that that?

sarah invite

To keep costs down, Sarah and B.J. stayed away from the traditional mail-out R.S.V.P. and set up an email account instead. As you can see below, they used every bit of space on the info card and included all their R.S.V.P. and registry information and location details.

Some say etiquette frowns at these kinds of things, but I say, make it classy, make it beautiful and do what you want – it’s YOUR wedding! So, for the bride and groom on a budget, consider this option for saving money and making it just a little bit easier for your guests to respond and find your registry.

sarah info

And here are a couple snapshots from Sarah’s recent Bridal Shower. We a blast showering her with love, gifts, and lots of food. Here’s the bride looking ravishing.

sarah laugh

Me and Sarah.



Although I don’t have the shop up yet to sell the goods you all just can’t wait to get your hands on (wink wink), I thought it would be nice to showcase some things that will be for sale very soon.

I don’t know about you, but I attend a lot of baby showers. I live in small town Texas where there are loads of young couples having kiddos. Although this makes for fun social outings, I find myself constantly racking my brain for a creative baby gift. Of course, you can never go wrong with essentials because they are, well, essentials. But what about something different, something personal that both mom and baby can enjoy for years to come? Well, I’ve got it. The perfect gift for your favorite new momma.

Here are some recents from the studio.

Here is a simpler option with bold color and typography.

Each poster is printed on heavy duty premium white card stock, and the colors, of course, are customizable. The Welcome Baby is shown here as an 8.5″ x 11″ print, and the B is for Baby is shown as a 5″ x 7″ print,Β  There are multiple ways to showcase this print: frame it with a thick white mat (my favorite), hang it with magnetic clips on a chalkboard in baby’s room, or stick it on a hanging clipboard, to name a few.

Be checking back on the blog for updates on when these will be available in the upcoming shop for your purchasing pleasure.


Recently, I got a few girlfriends together and hosted a Mary Kay party for a friend of mine. It provided her some business and gave me some much-needed girl time. We ate healthy and un-healthy snacks, drank coffee and sparkling water, caked make-up on our faces, and loved every minute of it. Here are some snapshots of the night.

And the lovely Amy Williams herself:

A little bit about our Mary Kay lady of the night: Amy is a rock star mom, wife, and entrepreneur. She has been an example of a woman who has big faith, strong convictions, and who loves her family and raises her children with grace and lightheartedness. She has trusted, fought, and endured through extreme odds of several bouts of cancer, and has come out on the other side strong ready to take on life once again. I am thankful to know such a spectacular gal.


Hello, friends! Welcome to my official design blog. As many of you know, this is an endeavor I’ve wanted to pursue for quite some time. I’ve had the creative itch for well, years now, and have so desired to have a place where I can bring all my ramblings and ideas to one table. I have a lot of great posts up my sleeve and things I’ve been wanting to share that I’m excited to reveal. So pull up a chair, grab a hot drink (or a cold bubbly one at that), and read on.